Local haunted house redefines scary this Halloween

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You can run, but you can’t hide! Evil Visions Haunted House in downtown Monroe is one scare you can’t miss out on.

Scares, monsters, phobias and even optical illusions help make Evil Visions one of the top destinations for people of all ages this Halloween season.

Chelsey Goodwin, a senior psychology major, visited the place with her friends to celebrate Halloween.

“Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I’m into all things scary!” Goodwin said. “The scariest part was the polka dot room for me; I couldn’t see the person because they blended in.”

Jeremy Lucky from the Lucky 7 Tattoo Studios, Monroe took charge of the haunted house in the beginning of 2017.

Lucky hopes to bring a new element of scary to the house and promises guests will walk out of his house having gone through the scariest attractions possible.

The 13,000 square feet of evilness has 36 rooms filled with different scare tactics to keep visitors on their toes all the time.

Lucky and his crew guide their victims from one room to the other with horrors and frights waiting at each corner.

Other than the typical scares associated with a haunted house, Evil Visions goes the extra mile to make the trip worth every penny.

Their simulated coffin ride lets visitors feel what it’s like to be dead, in a coffin and on the way to a graveyard to be buried.

While inside the coffin, one can hear people talking as they’re being driven to the cemetery, smell roses and feel all the bumps and knocks possible during a burial.

Guests at Evil Visions are offered general admission for $20, but can skip ahead of the line for an extra $10 with the Fastpass option at $30.

The Coffin Ride is an extra $5.

They also offer a V.I.P. pass costing $100 which includes Fastpass, Coffin Ride, a T-shirt and unlimited access throughout the season.

Whichever way you go though, you can’t go wrong at Jeremy Lucky’s Evil Vision Haunted House.