ULM fans don’t attend enough home games

Jimmon Felton, [email protected]

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Why don’t we have good attendance at home games? I know winning is a major factor, but even for homecoming, the stands were empty.

Homecoming is usually the one time in the season where you can bank on the stands being full and the stadium rocking.

The stands are sometimes so empty, that if there was a water balloon fight, some people wouldn’t even get wet.

With an average of over thirteen thousand, it is easily noticeable that the stands are empty.

The only colleges in Louisiana with less attendance than ULM is Louisiana College, a division-three school, and Southeastern University.

Grambling State University has an average of over sixteen thousand in attendance for home games.

Grambling is about 30 minutes away from ULM and does better when it comes to football attendance.

Maybe the school needs to start doing promotions for football games like it does basketball games.

Malone Stadium was built to hold almost 31,000 while only getting an average of 13,000.

It is highly noticeable, and it makes the school look like we don’t care about our athletics when that is far from the truth.

Seven of the top 10 largest crowds at Malone Stadium competed against in-state opponents, which means we may have to establish an I-20 rivalry to ensure that at least once a year, we get a packed house.

The largest crowd in Malone Stadium history was the nail-biting loss to Baylor 47-42 in 2012, which saw a record setting crowd of 31,175.

The second highest attendance competed against Grambling, which saw 30,101 in attendance.

Recruiting may also help with attendance problems.

I f the kids from the local high schools in Monroe and surrounding areas were playing for ULM, their families and friends would come to support.

When ULM doesn’t recruit any local talent, they go off to other schools, causing the families to go and watch their kids at other schools when they would be happy to play for ULM.

Even in the conference, we have one of the lowest attendance rates with only Idaho falling below us.

When you watch the games from the press box, you can really see how empty the stands are.

The stands from high above look like a stem and plot graph with the spaces in one area and a group in another.

If the stands were full, we could rattle the other team’s offense and cause a few more turnovers.

Not all teams work well under pressure.

Some teams fall apart under pressure causing a huge advantage for our football team.