Reality game show inspires challenges for Warhawks


Students had the opportunity to face their fears at CAB’s Halloween event last Tuesday, Oct. 31, through Fear Factor challenges.

The event was based off of MTV’s show Fear Factor that recently had its second reboot in 2017 with rapper Ludacris as the host, but these challenges weren’t nearly as horrifying as those on the show.

The event was coordinated by junior criminal justice major Brandon Jackson who thought the event would be a good addition to the Halloween celebrations on campus.

The event had previously been postponed due to bad weather, but nothing stopped the Warhawks from competing this time.

Teams competed in four challenges for a cash prize rather than the three-game format that this season of MTV’s Fear Factor uses.

In the first game, one player had to submerge their feet in worms while the other teammate dug out M&Ms from the dirt.

The second game, “Marble Madness,” made a player from each team grab marbles out of a cold bucket of water using their feet.

Jasmine Brooks, sophomore business and administration major, who liked participating because she got to meet new people said, “My favorite part would have to be the sock full of sardines, because I won it.”

Players from each team had to put on a sardine-filled sock and race against other teams.

The final game, Egg Roulette, made a player from each team grab a random egg and smash it on their head.

The one who smashed the raw egg was deemed the loser.

Freshman communication major Kieron Henry especially enjoyed the event and said, “This event was important, because as someone who grew up watching Fear Factor, being able to take part in something inspired by it has been a dream of mine.”

“I also loved that my team got the victory which makes it an even better experience.”

Although the scores were close, the event ended with the Southside Girls team winning against Team Eliminators.