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Just keep moving forward; suicide is never the answer

Smriti Singh, sing[email protected]

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I wonder how people could ever decide to end their lives so quickly.

Suicide is the most brutal way to end one’s life.

I know life is not easy.

It isn’t supposed to be.

We have to put a lot of hard work into it.

In fact, life is the reflection of our struggles.

Honestly, life is all about the mixture of happiness and sadness.

The more positive you are, the more happiness you attract.

But the saddest part is that today’s youth are choosing to escape from that part of life and accept suicide as an option.

I have heard many young people say, “My life is hell, I don’t want to live anymore.”

I know I have to be polite in front of them but, deep down, I want to tell them, “Come on, you are just at the starting phase of your life.”

There is a lot you have to do and are already doing.

There are still thousands of miles to run.

If not run, then walk, and even if you can’t walk, then at least crawl.

But never, ever quit.

There is such a long, incredible journey waiting for you ahead, and you already want to escape?

Live your life as a marathon.

Try to achieve small success first.

Life isn’t a 100-meter race that you can finish within a minute.

You have to pace yourself.

Life teaches you something new every day.

Sometimes, it can give you pain.

You may get tripped up and even fall, but that never means that you have to sit on the sidelines in depression and end your life.

After every sunset, there is a new day with a new sunrise waiting for you.

So after every fall, there are new opportunities and success waiting for you.

Just take this fall as your motivation to achieve that.

I know adolescence is really difficult.

You undergo many mental and physical changes and, at the same time, many new things hit you and make your life complicated at the beginning.

That does not mean that suicide is the only way to solve it.

This is the time when you can work for yourself, build yourself into an adult – a successful adult.

This is the time when you are supposed to build your career.

Killing yourself is not the answer.

Just remember that life is something we all work hard to enjoy.

We have to work every day to accomplish what we want.

Life is a blessing.

Depression is not the way to live.

I myself have failed a lot of times in my life, but suicide was never the option that crossed my mind after every breakdown.

Every time I encourage myself to get up, I run.

And if I can’t run, then I at least walk through my struggles.

If ever the thought of suicide comes to your head, just remember what your aim in life is.

Remember your family, who want nothing but a good life for you.

Imagine their situation after the news of your suicide.

The devastation that comes to their lives after you are gone.

I am sure that will stop you from taking that step that you can’t even regret after the fact.


2 Responses to “Just keep moving forward; suicide is never the answer”

  1. Tammy Johnston on November 13th, 2017 5:22 pm

    Well written piece. Public awareness is important and this article does a nice job bringing the often untalked about reality to the forefront. Well done.

  2. Dr Anant on November 15th, 2017 9:39 am

    Very good this is a motivational article.

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Just keep moving forward; suicide is never the answer