ULM Hawkeye

Every January, the campus gym’s participants seem to double. Suddenly it takes 15 minutes to find an open weight machine or track lane.

Then, as resolution dwindles around the third or fourth week of the month, most students find themselves less eager to “feel the burn.”

However, students at ULM this semester may be motivated to maintain their New Year reso­lutions to exercise thanks to sev­eral new group exercise offerings in the Activity Center aerobics room.

No registration is required for the nine different classes ranging from Zumba to classes called ‘Barbell Pump’ and ‘Butt and Guts.’

The group exercise classes are open to all ages and for all levels of ability.

Amaris Pierce, a freshman speech language pathology ma­jor from Lake Charles, has been attending both ‘Core and Pi­lates’ classes.

“I’m starting again in the New Year; I just want to be healthy. It makes me feel really good that everybody isn’t perfect,” she said.

Larra Conville, a freshman business major from West Mon­roe, has replaced her gym mem­bership by recommitting herself and joining some of the group exercise classes.

“It [working out] is part of my New Year resolution every year. I hope it works out with my schedule. I have nothing else to do, so maybe that will be mo­tivation enough.”

But not all students are in it for a new start. Several dedi­cated athletes are trying out the new classes in addition to their regular workouts.

Rita Moussaoui, a P1 phar­macy graduate student from Shreveport is attempting both workouts.

“I try to exercise regularly, maybe a couple time a week. I did yoga yesterday, and I looked at Zumba. It’s a good variety.”