Slow Down, Take Time For Yourself

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Slow Down, Take Time For Yourself

Misisipi Bhandari, [email protected]

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We all have different stuff to deal with on a daily basis as we play different roles in different places.

Those who choose to further their learning through higher-education believe that being a student is one of the most crucial stages of life.

Our priority at this stage becomes studying well.

However, it can be difficult to maintain consistency when faced with other responsibilities.

Some of us have jobs around campus.

Life is more hectic when having to balance between work and study.

I am an international student, so the only person responsible for me happens to only be me.

There are many international students around campus who work.

They do things like buy groceries, do laundry and take care of their dorms or apartments by themselves.

As a student, we need to complete our assignments, study hard and make good grades.

The pressure of all these things can make me crazy at times.

We can become so engaged in the daily happenings of student-life that we forget about our health.

A busy schedule is good sometimes, but what we really need to do is make time to take care of our health, mentally and physically.

College students are notorious for taking the drive-thru.

A proper diet doesn’t consist of only potato stackers and McDoubles.

We should strive for eight hours of sleep, just like the doctor said.

Those 8 a.m. classes aren’t going anywhere, and you’ll still be tired if you don’t get rest.

There is an activity center at ULM which is open to all students and is included in our tuition.

We need to utilize the resources provided to us for the sake of our health.

Physical health is a big deal, but so is mental health.

If a person is not in the proper state of mind, they won’t be able to function properly on any level.

Because of this, our full potential can’t shine through in everything we do.

Meditation and yoga are some good practices that can improve mental capabilities like memory, focus and positivity too.

It isn’t even necessary to engage in activities to work on health.

We often believe that doing nothing is a waste of our valuable time.

However, that’s not the case.

Having alone time and doing nothing gives us time to reflect on our day.

It helps us relax and rejuvenate ourselves.

We get insight into what we want and how things should be done to get there.

Solitude feeds our soul and enlightens us.

I believe that we see, hear and learn more when we are alone.

It gives us a deeper understanding of life and how to be happy.

According to Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, John Updike, his astonishing productivity is attributed to a schedule that honors empty time.

“Ideally,” he explains, “much of my day should be, in a strict sense, idle, for it is often in idle moments that real inspiration comes.”

I totally agree with him.

Self-contentment and satisfaction are necessary for life and help to clear self-doubt from our lives.

Balance between work and rest is the key to a happy and successful life.

In fact, exercise and solitude should be included as part of the busy schedule.

So, let’s vow to be more conscious of our health from today forward.