Sisters Sell Tickets, Raise Funds, Awareness for Children in Need

The Alpha Rho chapter of Phi Mu fraternity organized their first philanthropy event of the semester this past week. “Split the Pot” raised money for the organization’s philanthropy, the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital (CMNH).

Phi Mu members were handed packs of ten raffle tickets worth a dollar each ticket. Tickets were then put in a bag, and a winner’s name was drawn.

Caycee Shaw, a speech and language pathology junior, said that selling the tickets was “rewarding.”

“I helped my sorority raise awareness for such an important cause and was also able to raise money to help support CMNH,” Shaw said.

“I love that we were able to do this event again this semester and that we were able to advertise it more, because it is such a simple way to raise money for such a complex and important cause. Also, it motivates people to participate more, because they have the potential of winning the other half of the pot,” Shaw added.

According to Phi Mu’s philanthropy head Hannah Huckabee, the event’s tradition started last semester.

Huckabee, along with Phi Mu’s dance marathon morale team, came up with the event to raise money for children in need.

The name “Split the Pot” came from the concept of splitting the raised money between the winner and CMNH.

Last year, the sorority was able to raise $340. The goal this year was to raise $500.

According to kinesiology senior Huckabee, Phi Mu has “had a really good reaction towards the event from the community and lots of support from the other Greek organizations around campus.”

Every day, Children Miracle Network’s hospitals all around the U.S. treat around 16,000 kids in their emergency rooms.

Since Medicaid and insurance don’t cover the full hospital bills, CMNH relies on events like “Split the Pot” to raise money for children in need.

Hannah Martin, a sophomore pre-nursing major, first heard about the event through her friends in Phi Mu. Martin herself is a member of the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority on campus.

“I wanted to support CMNH. I think it’s a very good cause, and I would like to be a pediatric nurse when I graduate, so I am very passionate about children and helping kids,” Martin said.

Along with raising money for CMNH, “Split the Pot” also raised awareness for Phi Mu’s “Dance Marathon” which is set to be held on April 28.

The latter aims to raise funds and awareness for children with pediatric illness all across the US. Funds raised from “Dance Marathon” will be donated to Arkansas Children’s Hospital.