Tom Brady, Michael Jordan: Best in Their Game

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Tom Brady, Michael Jordan: Best in Their Game

Jimmon Felton, [email protected]

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There will always be the mountain top of great kings, but one will always sit above the rest. When you look at Mount Olympus, it was full of gods, but Zeus sat above them all. In any profession, the question that is always asked is, “Who is the best?”

People will always have a desire to pick the one who has ascended to the greatest level of success in their field. Sometimes there is no clear cut answer, but we will take time out of our day to debate who the greatest is. You can just call it human nature.

Whether it be who the greatest actor, rapper, singer or athlete people will always find a way to debate who deserves the title “The Greatest”.

The last three greats in basketball was Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Lebron James with Jordan sitting on a throne higher than his counterparts. When it comes to football three of the greats would be Joe Montana, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. With that being noticed it leads me to ask who is greater than whom.

Muhammad Ali famously said “I am the greatest,” so who is the greatest of greats? Jordan and Brady both have been given the title ‘GOAT’ (greatest of all time) by their respected sports, so its only right that we compare to the two.

Jordan is undefeated in the NBA finals going an unprecedented six for six with two three peats. Here is a stat that some people don’t even think about: Jordan was selected to the ALL-NBA Defensive Team 9 times.

He is one of four players in NBA history to do so. Jordan’s most known game was the “Flu Game” where Jordan had flu like symptoms but still played in the 5th game of the NBA finals and willed his team to victory and ultimately another championship. The shoes from that iconic game sold at an auction for over $100,00.

If Tom Brady beats the Eagles in the Superbowl, he will also have his sixth ring. Brady is not undefeated in the championship game like Jordan, but he has been to two more championship games than Jordan.

Brady has a postseason record of 27 wins and nine losses.That’s the most wins all time for a player. The guy who is second on the list is Joe Montana who only has 16 wins in the postseason. Last week Brady played a game where he had a cut on his throwing hand and he still had a great game.

On the Mount Olympus of Sports, we have Babe Ruth, Pele Bo Jackson, Wayne Gretzky and at the top, we have Michael Jordan and Tom Brady sitting above the rest as “The GOATS” of sports.