‘No Strings Attached’ leaves crowd hanging

ULM Hawkeye

“No Strings Attached” poses the question, “Is it possible to have sex with a friend without either of them developing feel­ings?” It is “When Harry Met Sally” on steroids.

It is one dimensional and full of pithy dialogue that tries to force chemistry between Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman.

Both of the characters agree to purely platonic sex (Port­man’s idea).

As the movie progresses, their foolishness causes the scheme to fall apart, along with their friendship.

As in any chick flick, the guy gets the girl at the end.

However, the movie fails to address the original source of its conflict.

They attribute their issues to the fact that they didn’t start dating when they should have, and the film completely ignores the fact that they were using each other as objects to fulfill selfish needs.

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