Top 5 albums of 2010

ULM Hawkeye

Top 5 albums of 2010

by Collette Keith

1. Contra: Vampire Week­end’s latest. Each listen pulls back a new layer of fun, depth, ingenious mu­sical arrangements.

2. The Cave: Mumford and Son bring folk back. Vo­cal control takes charge of emotional lyrics. Ev­ery track is a soul search­ing one.

3. Flamingo: Like Mum­ford and Son, Brandon Flowers’ (Killers front­man) honest voice quiv­ers between tears and outburst.Pair with mus­ings on religion to get a heart wrenching album.

4. Come Around Sun­down: Kings of Leon’s fascination with the southern man displayed beautifully with every woeful track.

5. Go: Sigur Ros’ Jonsi’s solo album rouses an ani­mal like adrenaline in the listener with tribal drums and his bird like voice.

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