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Tallulah Water Crisis Becomes Serious

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Tallulah Water Crisis Becomes Serious

Misisipi Bhandari, [email protected]

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The town of Tallulah, La., has dealt with several weeks of low pressure or no water since the freezing temperatures came along.

The cold weather, pipe bursts and major malfunctions in the water plant of the city led the town to rely on a short supply of water in the town as well as surrounding Madison Parish.

A state of emergency was declared on Jan. 5. The 70-year-old plant had finally stopped working.

Residents and concerned citizens were not happy.

“ It basically empties my bank account just to buy that basic need,” said Sharvette Lashay Miles a senior psychology major.

Tallulah is a small town east of Monroe that many students call home.

Its residents were left with little to no water in January.

Hospitals and local clinics were hit hard and were the number one priority for water.

Schools also had a hard time operating with a lack of water.

Every aspect of everyday life from household chores to health maintenance and education were severely affected by the catastrophe.

The local businesses struggled to keep up with their customers’ demand for water.

On top of all of this, the power outage in the city on Jan. 24, 2018 left the control panel at the water plant without power further interrupting the water service in the city.

Residents grew frustrated at not being able to take care of basic needs due to the outage of water.

“It was hard on everyone. Turning to the mayor for answers, he constantly said that things would get back on the right track shortly if the citizens would just be patient. Hours turned into days and days into weeks but still, a permanent solution to the problem has not been found,” said sophomore pre-medical laboratory science major Zekendra Long.

The locals were happy that people from all over showed love and support to Tallulah by buying cases of water and delivering them to those in need.

One Monroe native, barber Christopher Doyle, charged his clientele a pack of water instead of money for his services to help out the people of Tallulah.

Working non-stop from opening to closing Chris amassed over 100 cases of water to be distributed to the people of Tallulah.

It’s been reported that water pressure is up and running in the town which draws the crisis to an end.

Yet the water is still not clear.

Locals are skeptical about drinking and showering with the water.

The town was under a boil advisory.

After the water samples were collected and sent to state, they arrived back clear and safe to use.

The boil advisory has been lifted.

Many residents have gone on to claim the water is still not clear in their households.

Sharon Meyer a toxicology professor said, “Our situation in Tallulah can be related to the situation in Flint. though the boil advisory had been uplifted recently, the water was suspected to have sewage contamination. The water in some households still shows brown coloration which should not be neglected at all. ”

With attention having to be paid to the water, it is reportedly safe for people to use.

Since the contamination in Flint had also started by the discoloration of water, people are still hesitant to use the water until proper research is done.

What’s certain is nobody wants Tallulah and the nearby Madison Parish areas to be the next version of Flint.

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Tallulah Water Crisis Becomes Serious