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Logan Paul Makes Unexpected Return to YouTube Channel

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Logan Paul Makes Unexpected Return to YouTube Channel

Raven Adcox, [email protected]

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Logan Paul has resurfaced on YouTube after disappearing from the internet for the better part of January.

His return is marked with yet another video on suicide prevention and awareness.

Paul’s absence from YouTube comes after he released a video to his channel containing the body of an alleged suicide victim.

Freshman general studies major Robert Brown, said he can’t take Paul seriously for two reasons.

“It’s not cool to post a video of a corpse on YouTube, that’s very disrespectful to them and their family. The other reason is the appalling things he did while he visited Japan,” Brown said.

His recent video was initially meant to promote suicide awareness, but a large majority of the public were both angry and confused by Paul’s choice to keep filming.

The controversy caused by the video led Paul to take a break from filming daily vlogs.

Paul’s new video titled, “Suicide: Be Here Tomorrow” has reached over 23 million views and was the number one trending story on YouTube at the time of its release.

In the video released Jan. 24, Paul talks to many experts on the subject of depression and suicide.

He says in the video that he can’t solve the problem himself but, “can be a part of the solution.”

The video begins with some serious statistics on suicide.

Approximately 800,000 people worldwide die from suicide each year, meaning that one person commits suicide every 40 seconds.

Suicide activist and survivor, Kevin Hines meets with Paul to discuss the moment that changed his life forever.

He tells of the time he jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and survived.

Hines was 19-years-old at the time and felt he had nothing left to live for.

He recalls the moment he stepped off the ledge of the bridge saying that he immediately regretted his decision.

The video then transitions to a discussion between Paul and rehabilitation counselor, Bob Forrest.

Paul is visibly shocked by the different statistics dealing with suicide and says that his ignorance on the subject was part of the problem.

Paul travels to New York City, where he speaks with the director of the National Suicide Prevention lifeline, Dr. John Draper.

The lifeline is a free 24/7 support line for those facing suicidal thoughts or struggling with depression.

Draper tells Paul that the first thing people should do when struggling with these issues is to reach out.

He then gives Paul five steps to take in order to help someone in this position.

Draper says that people are being more open about their struggles than ever before, but that doesn’t mean suicide and depression aren’t still issues.

“For every one person who commits suicide, there are 287 other people that think seriously about it, but don’t,” he said.

Draper says it is important to reach out and connect with others because you never really know what a person may be dealing with.

Paul has pledged to donate $1 million to various suicide prevention organizations including a $250,000 donation to the National Suicide Prevention lifeline.

Paul even links the numbers for the suicide lifeline below his video.

Whether or not Paul’s new video will help to rebuild his reputation is uncertain.

After what happened during his time in Japan, many are hesitant to forgive the famous influencer.

“Everyone deserves a chance to right their wrongs. This is his chance,” semester one nursing student Lexus Eskina said.

The comment section of his new video is filled with endless debate on the topic from both fans and the public.

It seems that the verdict is still out on the future of Logan Paul’s careerM

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Logan Paul Makes Unexpected Return to YouTube Channel