Best of Film 2010

ULM Hawkeye

As movie awards season be­gins and the 2010 year winds down, I’ve compiled a list of some of 2010’s “best” films, most all easily found in your Netflix catalog or Amazon’s store.

1. Valhalla Rising – “Valhalla Rising” excels in mood and im­age with very little dialogue.

2. Winter’s Bone – it’s a lovely, slower picture concerned with the bonds of southern fam­ily and what threatens to break them.

3. Red Riding Trilogy – all three films depict evil and its scary fingers reaching through­out time.

4. Never Let Me Go – Ro­manek’s picture doesn’t just look heavenly, but it directly address­es our fear of death.

5. The American – Clooney in a European espionage movie. ‘Nuff said.

6. The Social Network – Fincher’s film feels best when we’re watching Fincher’s handi­work, not screenwriter Sorkin’s.

7. I Am Love – Tilda Swinton is wonderful in a film recalling the work of Michelangelo Anto­nioni.

8. Baader Meinhof Com­plex– like Assayas’ brilliant Car­los, BMC is a long, extensive look at terrorism that should ac­company viewing of Spielberg’s “Munich.”

9. Sita Sings the Blues – watch it on YouTube, a lovely animated film, crossing cultural boundaries by mixing them.

10. Secret of Kells – an Oscar-nominated animated film from last year. Worth every penny.