Cinema vs Netflix: Make Memories or Save Money? For Cinema


Arohan Rimal, [email protected]

Watching a movie on Netflix will never be the same as watching one at the cinema. Are you fine with streaming every movie online or on Netflix?

High-budget films and TV shows are made for different audiences. Some are meant for watching at home while others are supposed to be admired only in theaters.

While I would be happy to watch “How I Met Your Mother,” on my TV set, I would never choose to watch a movie like “The Greatest Showman” anywhere other than the cinema.

The thrill of watching a good movie in a theater always beats the boredom of watching it in your house.

I am not against the idea of watching a movie seated on my sofa. However, if I truly love a movie, it would not be fair to simply watch it in my living room.

Some may argue that Netflix is cheaper in the long run. You can stream multiple movies at the same price as watching a single movie in the theaters.

If you are watching a movie and want to go through the same experience as the director went through, you need to be where they want you to be while watching it.

If you just want to know what happens, you can watch the trailer, read the summary and browse pictures of the movie instead.

The number of Netflix streaming subscribers worldwide in 2016 was approximately 117 million. As a result, to cover the increasing demand, a lot of movies and series are being made for the “home audience.”

Since the rise of companies like Netflix, original content from streaming sites is to be expected.

This is causing cinema profits to go down. If this continues to happen, it will mean big adjustments for the entertainment business.

While some prefer staying home, many people still go to the cinema to watch blockbuster movies like “Star Wars” and “The Avengers.”

The beauty of the cinema is in the loud stereos, big crowd and an even bigger screen.

If people choose to stay home over seeing a film in theaters, this genre, which has been a big part of the entertainment business, may die out.

This isn’t great news for the common movie-lover, but have no fear.

Although people can still choose which genre they enjoy, they should consider watching movies meant for the cinema, at the cinema.