Students Learn to Network with Intramurals

If you are paying for something, whether it be voluntary or not, you should get the most out of it. If students took the time out of their day to read their ULM fee sheet, they would notice a fee that isn’t familiar.

It doesn’t matter if you use the computers on campus or not, one thing that we pay that is more helpful is the activity center.

The A.C. is not the only thing the students could be interested in. If you are a competitor, then intramurals is the place for you. Intramural competitions take place throughout both the fall and spring semester.

In the fall, there are flag football and volleyball leagues where teams play a regular season and playoffs to see who will represent ULM at the state level.

In the spring, it is basketball and softball, but it is not just a men’s and a women’s league. There is also a co-rec league which, in some cases, can be more competitive than a single gender league.

“Education and reaction have a direct correlation. When you spend all your time studying, you get restless, and need something to take your mind off of it. That’s when intramurals comes into play,” said Robert Reed, assistant coordinator of intramurals.

Reed also pointed out how the pharmacy and nursing students are trying to obtain two of the hardest degrees and still play intramural sports.

If you are competing at ULM for intramurals, you are already playing against some of the best competition in the state. When the winner of ULM goes off and competes at the state level, they usually leave as champions.

In the last two years, ULM has had six state champs and four state runners-up.

ULM’s co-rec flag football team took it beyond state, they went on to place second at the regional competition and placed fifth in the national competition.

“I would definitely recommend intramurals to others on campus, especially to the former high school players who miss the thrill of an organized game,” said Dyneisha Jackson who is a five-time intramural champion and a member of the flag football team that made it to nationals. Intramurals is also a way for students to help other students.

When you play intramurals, you build a bond with people whom you probably would not have even talked to on campus. ULM alumni Melynn Simmons loves intramurals because the involvement in and outside of campus allows one to find new hobbies, exercise and new teammates that will be remembered for a lifetime.
Even if you are not competing, come out and watch the games, because I can testify that watching is sometimes just as thrilling as competing.