Money can not buy happiness

How much money does it take to buy happiness?
Money has a way of controlling a person’s emotions, whether it be with good or bad reasoning.
Really, there is no amount of money that can buy happiness.
Yes, we all have to buy things in order to survive.
Clothes, food and shelter are a few examples, but how depressing is the feeling after spending your hard-earned money. Although money is a factor in becoming happy, it’s just a temporary glance.
According to society, there are more people living in poverty who are happier than the wealthy. Let’s agree that money helps solve 99 percent of our problems in today’s world.
Were you happy when you got your refund check?
Student loans paired with TOPS scholarships financially help me through college. I also keep a job for extra money and possible expenses.
Those loans are borrowed money from the government that I will have to later pay back.
College is very expensive. Although I’m happy to be in college because of financial support, it won’t be a joyful experience paying it all back.
For certain, having more money can also lead to more problems in life.
Just like former rapper Biggie Smalls said in one of his biggest hits, “Mo money, mo problems.”
Wealthier people may seem happy with life, but investors have concluded that it’s not so prosperous living in luxury, after all.
Besides the delightful privilege to afford almost anything there is, with big money comes big responsibilities.
Maintaining an expensive household often means increased work hours, which can cause emotional damage.
On top of keeping up with bills at home, those who are more financially stable in life are required to pay higher government taxes from their income. Many people dislike this act, because they oppose giving away their money to the government just because they receive a greater income than others.
Most people understand that even a person with financial stability can still not be happy with themselves.
However, I believe money buys happiness when it is a kind gesture or earned through dedication.
The key to happiness is to appreciate what you have, count your blessings and remain humble.