Adulthood comes with mistakes, experience

We go through different trials, tribulations and milestones in order to finally become an adult.
Along the way, we get additional privileges.
In the U.S., you are free (or expected) to move out from your parent’s house by 18-years-old, you can legally drink alcohol at 21 and so on.
How much of that really has to do with becoming an adult? Even more, what makes someone an adult?
The milestones society has laid in front of us are merely generalizations, not fact.
We have all met extraordinarily wise kids and not-so-smart adults.
In my opinion, becoming an adult isn’t really a milestone in the first place but rather, a journey.
It is a learning experience that every five-year-old and 85-year-old is on, and the train doesn’t stop til we’re gone from this earth.
However, as a child matures, he or she learns the important skill of decision-making.
The two aspects of which we are most concerned about are: Independence and wisdom.
To become a proper adult, we must be able to stand up for ourselves. You will not get the respect an adult deserves if you are still letting someone else make your decisions.
Turning 18 is only the beginning of the journey to independence, since we are bounded by laws in many ways until then.
The case may not apply to those with overly protective parents who refuse to acknowledge the fact that their kids have grown up. Only being able to make decisions isn’t going to take you very far.
Through experience, you must learn to make the right decisions, too. This is where wisdom accompanies independence on our journey.
As adults, we must realize that our actions have consequences, ones that not only shape our lives, but the lives of people around us.
This is one of the deciding factors on the differences between children and adults.
Since children cannot wrap their heads around this, they do and say things that can hurt others.
Throughout the journey to adulthood, people learn many things that will help them adjust in a changing society.
They learn to socialize, to make a living and to avoid the bad things in life.
Adults also learn how to adapt to an ever-changing society and to break free from outdated social norms.
An adult also accepts the fact that other adults can momentarily act childish at times.
Dealing with children is probably the most difficult skill a person learns in life.
This is why so many people face great difficulty during the early stages of parenthood.
However, becoming an adult doesn’t mean that you never get to make mistakes in life. It’s actually quite the opposite.
There are going to be times when something goes bad, but the important thing is to learn from that experience and move on.
So, how far have you come in your journey to becoming an adult?