Aftermath of Parkland shooting sweeps nation

Almost two weeks after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, conversations about mass shootings continue to buzz.
According to the world atlas website, Louisiana ranks fifth as the most violent state.
Heated debates about gun control and mental health plaster social media sites and news outlets warranting many to express their opinions about the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment protects American citizens’ rights to bear arms. Firearms are a popular topic after Nikolas de Jesus Cruz used one to kill 17 people in Douglas High School.
Speech language pathology graduate student Kelsie Hicks believes, “The process to obtain a gun should be as strict as possible.”
School shootings have now hit close to home. Safety ventured into the minds of ULM students after two people were recently shot on Southeastern Louisiana University’s campus.
Senior risk management and insurance major Skylar Sterling said, “I’ve always felt secure on ULM’s campus up until now. It’s not ULM’s fault. It’s the world we live in.”
Students of Douglas are calling for politicians to reform gun laws. President Trump proposed an idea to arm teachers with guns to protect students in case of an active shooter.
During a news conference with the Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, President Trump said schools need “offensive capability as well as defensive capability” to protect students from active shooters.
While teachers are hanging in the balance with the proposal, some students feel it isn’t a bad idea.
“I believe they should arm teachers or at least the principals,” said senior history major Lauren Cook.
“People are less likely to go start shooting if someone in there would be shooting back at them,” Cook continued.
Survivors of the Douglas High School mass shooting and their supporters called for a ban on assault-style guns. They have become the face of student activism. Students like Emma Gonzalez and Ryan Deitsch began demanding politicians and businesses refuse funding from the National Rifle Association. They recently hosted a televised town hall meeting with Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Bill Nelson and other politicians. Students have also protested the NRA and supporting companies by walking out of class.
According to ULM’s annual security report, fully marked Segways were introduced to increase the visibility of police officers. ULM PD also have a silent witness program to anonymously report suspicious behavior online. There’s also Warhawk Alerts that inform faculty and students of any criminal activities, extreme weather events and school closures.
“Like so many others, I am saddened by the recent violence which claimed the lives of those students recently in Florida,” President Bruno said.
He assures that “ULM has been proactive in providing training to our faculty, staff and students in active shooter response, taking steps to increase student registration on our alert system and continuous training of our police.”
President Bruno also urged students to report suspicious individuals and actions immediately.
Louisiana is an open carry state that doesn’t require a permit or gun license needed to purchase a firearm.