‘Who Dat’ thought the season would’ve ended like that?

ULM Hawkeye

The Saint have a way of doing that to peo­ple, getting them excited them failing to the expectations. But no one saw this coming, the defending Superbowl champ ousted by a lonely 7-9 team. It was like I had gone back in time to the Saints of old (the Pre-Payton/ Brees Era) when the Saints would look con­fused defensively all the time.

It was those ole Saints safeties that would always get burned on long pass attempts (i.e. Roman Harper) and that ole Saints D-line that couldn’t stop a running nose let alone a running back. And it was that ole saint defense that couldn’t wrap-up a Christmas present let alone any Seattle Seahawk player.

Then toward the end the game I got that bad feeling in my gut, you know that feel­ing you get when the Saints are playing and you know that they’re about to screw up and lose the game. Then it happened, Marshawn Lynch turned on his “beastmode” and went through the entire Saints defensive seem­ingly knocking them all down one by one. It looked as if they were playing against that bigger (much stronger) neighborhood kid that no matter what you tried he was go­ing to score (just ask Tracy Porter). That run put the stamp on the victory for Seattle and put the Saints back on the plane to New Or­leans. What a difference a year makes, we went from “Black and Gooold to the Su­uuuperbowl” to that same ole tune that we know all to well “Wait ‘till next year!”