Soccer making a splash in recruiting

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Signing day has come and gone, and ULM soccer has at least seven new players coming in. Players from all across the country, and, at times, other countries put pen to paper and signed off on the dotted line. In total, seven players have committed to play in Warhawk Country.
These key signings come in time of great need for the soccer program and are just what the team needed.

From what I saw, a proper midfielder and forward are what the team truly lacked this past season. Coach Wheelock likes to describe her team as a “blue-collar” team. A hard working one, they played often times off the ball and waited for key opportunities to strike.
It appears we may see a sudden change in style of play come next season though.
Out of Wheelock’s seven new signings, she’s gotten three midfielders and one forward. Offense is definitely what she and her staff are looking to improve on.
Goals and possession both eluded the soccer team throughout their season.
If you would have asked me what the team truly needed from this signing season, yes, mid-fielders and forwards would be top of the list, but there is so much more to it. In midfield, we need a “holding” midfielder, someone to give the game a pause every now and then.
To change the pace of a match at will and create a chance or two, recent signee Madi Garza seems to fit that description.
An impressive 13 goals and 11 assists in her senior year of high school solidified her call up to the big leagues. Look for this girl straddling the line between midfielder and forward come next season and being central to many of Wheelock’s formations.
Goalkeeper, a position held hostage by Scroggins for quite some time, will soon need to be filled as Scroggins like many before her will begin her final season as a Warhawk.
Coach Wheelock thought ahead and secured herself her third goalkeeper overall.
Lastly, the soccer team has added two defenders to its ever-growing squad. While some may see it as a wasted signing, we still are a defensive team, and having extra legs in the back is never a bad idea.
Being a fan of giving younger talent big opportunities, it’s likely these new recruits will see a lot of playing time their first season. With pivotal players like junior defender Alexandria Skidmore and the aforementioned Brooke-Lynn Scroggins set to begin their final year at ULM, the team will have a nice blend of youth and experience.
Freshmen standouts, defender Maddie Guerra and forward Taylor Altieri, should be ready and reliable next season. If these girls can help their new teammates learn from their mistakes and adjust quickly, we should be in for a treat next fall.