Facebook is useful in the right hands

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Facebook is useful in the right hands

Alfonzo Galvan, [email protected]

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There’s a new battleground “state” in America. Forget states like Florida or Ohio, because Facebook, the most popular social media site in the world, is a state where the battle never ends. In the right hands, social media sites can benefit the user, but now it’s bringing real world drama into a virtual world.
Facebook is still very helpful. Having a hard day at work? A couple of funny memes and a nice cat video should make you feel better.
Don’t know what to do for the weekend? Go to the “events” tab on Facebook. All of your friends’ weekend destinations will be there posted for you.
The older generation uses Facebook to keep in touch with their grandchildren and other family members. A quick exchange of messages between generations can make a grandparent’s day.
At the end of the day, that is what Facebook is meant to do, bring people together. This just so happens to be why many people are now logging off the app.
The spread of “fake news” is the primary reason people keep going at each other on Facebook. I’m not talking about CNN or FOX, as most politicians would have you believe, but actual misinformation being spread on social media sites.
People often befriend those with similar interests and beliefs as their own. Rarely are there misunderstandings or arguments between these people. It’s when a person comes across someone with different views than them that the problems arise.
Take the recent Florida shooting for instance. It is still an ongoing story, and what do people focus on? They aren’t concerned about whether or not the students are okay. Instead, Facebook is filled with debate. It’s all about guns. Progressives are shamed for trying to promote gun reform. Conservatives are ridiculed for their traditionalism. Arguments are hurled back and forth across Facebook, which then leads to the issue of immigration and Islamophobia. Was the shooter an immigrant? Is he a terrorist or just a troubled youth? Racism reels its ugly head into the fold, and while all of this continues on Facebook, the kids are still in danger.
Facebook profiles are windows with which we can look inside of each other. You don’t see your neighbor as the kind old lady who waves at you every morning anymore. She’s an atheist, pro-life, gun enthusiast whom, to top it off, is a flat-earther.
After a hard day at work, her over-shared videos explaining why the earth is flat finally sets you off. “You’re being an idiot, Janet! The Earth is round,” you comment in frustration. With one click of a button the comment is posted, and the battle has begun.
Arguing is bad on Facebook. Discussion isn’t. In order to be happy on Facebook in today’s society, you must understand that everyone is different and entitled to their own personal beliefs and opinions. Look for the common ground you share with others, not the differences.