Bayou Pointe: Disappointed, but not surprised

Last week, ULM officially opened the doors to Bayou Pointe, a new event center on campus.

While it looks nice to have for students and organizations on campus, the new center is simply another chance for top ULM execs to brag that the “best is on the bayou.”

Camile Currier, the vice president for student affairs, acknowledged ULM students fully funded the project at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

In 2015, a campus-wide poll was taken for students to decide if they preferred keeping the natatorium or renovating it into an event center.

I’d choose something new over a pool that has been closed for over a year, too.

But what’s better than an ultimatum?

Having the liberty to say exactly what you’d like to see.

This event center could have been something never seen before on this campus. I’m sure if a bowling alley or center to just chill were options, the result would have ended much differently.

Another factor that would have swayed the vote is funding. I doubt students would agree to a new building if they knew the source of the money at the time of the vote. I also doubt ULM plans to discontinue the student enhancement fee.

This money flow will likely go towards another campus beauty project students don’t care about, like an improved dock on the bayou.

It likely won’t go towards building something we need on this campus, which would be a new residence hall.

Who knows how many people actually voted on the poll? Judging by homecoming court and SGA elections each semester, I’d guess not many.

In fact, I can’t seem to find anybody who remembers the existence of the poll. That is concerning.

Even more alarming are the requirements for student organizations to host events at “our” new facility. With students footing the bill for construction, you’d think our debt would have been paid by now.

After all, the grand total for the renovation came out to be $7 million.

Apparently, that isn’t enough.

For registered student organizations, or RSO’s, to rent the building, $1,400 must be paid. The lowest rate for any one room is $100.

Who is going to pay this much money to hold an event that could be held in the SUB ballrooms or any other on-campus location for free?

Clearly, this isn’t for the student body.

The new event center is for university officials to flaunt to campus visitors, boasting how beautiful our campus is.

Bayou Pointe: The house that the students built… and never used.