Professor Garvey temporarily removed


Assistant psychology professor Dr. Killian Garvey has been temporarily suspended following his recent arrest.

Garvey was arrested around 3 p.m. on March 5 after UPD responded to an alleged altercation.

Dr. Jack Palmer, another associate psychology professor, allegedly spat on Garvey which led Garvey to exit the office, stating “He did it again, and this is bullsh*t.”

This statement caused a commotion and led many students and faculty to enter the hallway, according to the arrest record.

It was then that UPD made contact with Garvey, placed him under arrest for disturbing the peace by language and transported him for booking at Ouachita Correctional Center. Dr. Palmer was placed on leave during the investigation but returned to work the following Monday, March 12. 

Since this incident, many of Garvey’s classes have been cancelled, while others are slowly beginning to be taught by other professors.

However, students in these classes don’t know much about what’s happening.

“I feel that we’re being left in the dark about the situation. The administration hasn’t given us any information about what really happened,” senior psychology major DeMorigeal Turner said.

“It’s affecting me as a student, because this past Wednesday was our first time back in class since everything has happened,”   Turner added.

Some students are also worried about the future of their classes and graduating.

“I’m worried about my PSYC 4099 class, because there are rumors circulating that he’s getting fired,” senior psychology major Ariana Waggoner said.

“I’m just unsure as to who would teach my class. That’s the last class you really take as a senior psychology student, and it’s just nerve wracking,” Waggoner added.

There has yet to be an official statement released by the administration about Dr. Garvey’s future at ULM.

This means that his future at the university remains unclear. 

Both Dr. Palmer and Dr. Garvey have yet to make a statement. 

The Hawkeye will continue to follow the story, as it unfolds.