Common Sense Should Be Used When Smoking

When something is uncertain, caution should always be used when making that decision.

Collectively, people are aware that cigarettes can cause long-term damage health-wise.

However, the uncertainty of other smoked substances like marijuana is something to consider as well.

So, why do people still throw caution to the wind?

Cigarettes were once sold under the guise that they promoted a happier life. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

When people were made aware of the dangers of smoking cigarettes, what did they do? They threw a fit, accused cigarette companies of lying and kept smoking. Slap a label on something saying, “This product may kill you,” and everyone is suddenly fine with killing themselves, as long as they aren’t being lied to.

The same mindset can be seen now with other smoked substances.

When we get down to the bottom of it, the answer is simple. Smoke is bad… on its own. Whether it comes in the form of a bonfire, a carton of Marlboros or yes, marijuana.

Common sense must be used when deciding which habits to pick up.

Cigarettes have been legal since the 1900s, and marijuana is legal in several states now. However, just as we know excessive alcohol consumption can lead to liver failure, it is now certain that inhaled smoke is horrible on the lungs.

Once more research has been done on marijuana, the certainty of whether or not it is as harmful as cigarettes and alcohol when not smoked can be determined. Until then, just know that if you are smoking… it is affecting you negatively.