Banquet honors incoming students

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Banquet honors incoming students

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The spring before their first semester at ULM, a select group of freshmen and their families were invited onto ULM’s campus. These Emerging Scholars are invited on campus for a banquet. Honored and presented a scholarship in front of their soon to be peers, students and their families wait in anticipation for this event.

“All week I was pumped for the event. I even bought a new outfit and everything just for tonight,” said Jasmine Thenekhamsyharath, a senior from Glenmora High School.

Thenekhamsyharath, accompanied by two of her friends from high school, made the trek all the way up from Glenmora, Louisiana.

Dravyn Sumbler and Braxton Stalsby, with Thenekhamsyharath, were like fish out of water on campus. Hailing from a town of just over 1,500, ULM comes with a huge change of scenery for the three incoming freshmen.

“The event was wonderful, very classy and well-coordinated,” Sumbler said.

Current PREP staffer and freshman communication major Jacy Oliver was happy to welcome many familiar faces back to campus.

“We’ve done Browse on the Bayou with them and are happy to see many of them come back,” Oliver said.

Oliver and the other members of the PREP staff welcomed new and old faces to Bayou Pointe for the Scholars’ Banquet.

“We’re here to welcome home the committed, incoming freshmen and present them with their scholarships and introduce them to the ULM environment,” added Oliver.

Before receiving their scholarships, attendees enjoyed food with family and friends. Photographers were also on hand to take pictures of the new Warhawks.

“I love visiting the campus; it’s honestly so beautiful after visiting. It’s always a bummer to leave, so that’s the only downside,” Sumbler said.

Committed students are invited to the scholar’s banquet to be officially given their scholarships.

Parents are also welcomed to the event to join in on the celebration and get a taste of what the university environment is all about.

The event also serves the purpose of introducing incoming freshmen to each other. Since many of the attendees will be living alongside one another, events like the only held on Thursday helps them develop better bonds with each other.

The PREP staff and university recruiters were also handy in welcoming the honored during the banquet, and ULM President Dr. Bruno was on sight throughout the night.

“Getting a medal and a picture with President Bruno was a highlight of my night,” Stalsby said.

The three seniors from Glenmora High School were welcomed by Kelbie McCauley, a ULM recruiter who previously visited them at their school.

Enrollment services on campus have area specific recruiters who are usually from or around the towns they recruit at. They also help coordinate and set up events like the Scholars’ Banquet and Browse on the Bayou.