Cardi B’s ‘Invasion of Privacy’ invades ears


Anyone who really knows me knows that I’m not exactly a huge fan of the rap/hip-hop genre. I’m more of a smooth R&B with a hint of indie/folk music type of girl. But, after listening to Cardi B’s new album “Invasion of Privacy,” it definitely invaded my subconscious and gave me a new bop for the summer.

The highly anticipated album debuted over the weekend, and along with the new music came new criticisms of the singer. Critics called the album not as personal as the title of the record suggests. But, I think that she shouted out Offset enough to let the world know that she’s in love with him, and that is pretty private.

The loud Latina New Yorker released many dance-worthy songs, but there were only five that really got me hyped.

Her two songs “Bodak Yellow” and “Bartier Cardi” are classic club anthems and are a given favorite of mine. The third song “I like it” is my favorite song on the entire album. She sampled Pete Rodriguez’s 1967 hit “I Like It Like That” and added a hard bass with sizzling lyrics. She let the world know her Latin roots with this track.

The fourth song “Bickenhead” is the perfect song for any independent woman getting ready to take on the world. She didn’t exactly say those words, but the vulgar lyrics translate into a fun monologue dedicated to female bosses, a characteristic I can totally relate to.

The fifth and last song, “Drip” is a song flaunting the rapper’s jewelry, wealth and hip-hop status over a booming beat. Anytime I listen to this song, I feel like I’m walking in slow motion through a crowd of people with jewelry dripping off of me that costs just as much as my college tuition.

With that said, I did enjoy Cardi B’s newest musical creation. As I have said before, rap is not my favorite genre to listen to, but Cardi B did open my musical tastes up just a little bit.