Photographers capture awards

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Photographers capture awards

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It has been an award season to remember this year at The Hawkeye.

A total of 11 awards have been racked up by the paper’s staff.

Nearly half of the awards were won by The Hawkeye’s two main photographers.

Junior Siddharth Gaulee and sophomore Prajal Prasai are two communication majors who, between them, have split five awards this award season for their photography.

Gaulee is the current Art Director and former Photo Editor, Prasai moved up from a freelance photographer for The Hawkeye after working under Gaulee and is the current Photo Editor

“Sid and Prajal are both so talented. It’s no wonder to me that they keep placing so high at these competitions. I’m really proud of each of them and excited about the work they do,” said Kristin Nieman, assistant director of student publications.

Nieman like others around them haven’t been surprised by the success shared by both Gaulee and Prasai lately.

Most recently the duo won three awards in the Louisiana-Mississippi Associated Press and Media Editors award ceremony.

Prasai and Gaulee took the whole “Spot News Photos” category. Prasai also won first place in the “Sports Photo” category.

Before this most recent award, Gaulee won first place in an on-site photography competition in New York City’s College Media Association conference.

“It’s just extra motivation to work harder. It’s good to know we can go out and compete with anybody,” Gaulee said.

Prasai appreciates the opportunity to let his creativity flow and sees it as motivation to continue working hard.

“The joy of making your imagination and idea come to life has been the greatest motivator for me. Also, getting the opportunities to meet new people and getting a chance to take a peek into their life always keeps me interested in photography,” Prasai added.

Although both photographers have a passion for their craft, none of them have actually taken a photography class.

Gaulee and Prasai rely on their mentors fto sharpen their skills.

“Since I have never taken a photography class, mentorship has been a huge part of my success. ULM creative art director for Srdjan Marjanovic and Digital Media Editor Emi McIntyre have played a crucial role in my growth,” Gaulee said.

Prasai mentions the same mentors as Gaulee but added his fellow photographer to his list of mentors.

“They have helped by giving the most productive and helpful critiques, and by providing materials and guidance whenever needed,” Prasai said.

Other than their senior photographers both agree on one more person as a great supporter.

The two friends from Nepal don’t plan on stopping with their photography anytime soon.

Both plan on going to graduate school after completing their undergrad studies but they differ on career choices.

Prasai plans to continue photography in any way possible.

Gaulee says he will continue taking pictures but plans to become a professor like his father one day, except he wants to teach in the digital media field.

Gaulee and Prasai credit their success to the people around them.

They both agree the best advice they can give  to aspiring photographers is to just get out there and keep shooting.