‘Silent Auction’ raises funds for research hospital

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‘Silent Auction’ raises funds for research hospital

Sisam Shresta, [email protected]

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Competitiveness was at its peak as bidders gathered for the annual ‘Silent Auction’ last Friday. The auction was hosted by ULM Up ‘til Dawn to raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Attendees frequently went around the room, checking to see if they had been outbid by anyone.

The auction featured a signed football from Philadelphia Eagles’ head coach and ULM alum, Doug Pederson. Bid for the football started at $75 and was sold for $315 to Trey Bearb, a history senior.

“I only bid on it twice, but I kept walking back and forth all night to see if anyone else outbid me. When they called last call for bidding, I didn’t move away from the football,” Bearb said.

Some people attended the event to win the bids while others, like Sarah Cheathem, came because of the bond they shared with the research hospital.

Cheathem’s friend was treated at St. Jude when they were little. Although not in the executive board, she frequently helps the organization raise funds for the hospital. She started her bids on one of the game sets.

“I probably will bid more because I get very competitive,” said Cheathem, a biology junior.

Most of the items at the auction were donated by surrounding businesses. According to Luke Prejean, the executive director for Up ‘til Dawn, the auction allowed the organization to reach out to the community and interact with donors.

“We had a lot of outside donors this year. But we also had a bunch of really great contacts through the school connecting us to outside sources. We had very good base, both on community and on campus,” said Perjean, a business administration junior.

Although the attendance was affected by degrading weather, bids were in no way short. Attendees were constantly bidding for their friends, who couldn’t attend, through the phone.

Some of the most sought-after items were the ULM football hat and signed softball merchandises. The football hat was auctioned for $300 whereas Emily Essex, the director of Student Life and Leadership, won the bid for a Jennie Finch- signed poster and softball glove.

“I bid on all the Jennie Finch softball stuff. I love softball and she’s one of my favorite players,” Essex said.

According to Essex, the items at the auction clearly showed the passion and effort put in by the members of Up ‘til Dawn.

Among the other items for bid were handmade cigar box guitars, fishing rod, ULM athletic gears and gift coupons.