Bayou surfing, water fights provide new weekend plans

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Bayou surfing, water fights provide new weekend plans

Rex Acharya, [email protected]

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It’s nearly finals week. The assignments are piling up. Due dates are quickly approaching and the library never seemed so pack. Among all this, Wet and Wild Hawks came as a much-needed stress reliever for Tammy Ho and others last Saturday.

The event was organized by the Campus Activities Board (CAB). It was divided in two parts between the Wesley Foundation dock and the Bayou Park.

CAB brought out its peddle boards at the dock, from where students could take them for a ride on the bayou. The water games, however, took place at Bayou Park. Students enjoyed water fights with arsenals of water balloons and water guns provided by CAB.

“I really like being part of this diverse community where I am able to help students enjoy in this stressful time,” said Kat Oubre, a CAB member.

According to Oubre, a  risk management and insurance sophomore, the event aimed to bring happiness to students during stressful weeks before finals.

“The finals are coming, and the stress is mounting upon the students. I am glad that they are doing it now, because it really does take off a lot of pressure,” said Ho, a pre-dental hygiene freshman.

“This is the first time I am experiencing this event and I am really enjoying it. I hope next time they can bring more people, the more the merrier,” she said.

Most of the students leave campus during weekends, which makes the campus look dead. The event gave students to do something on campus during the weekends.

“It’s a very fun event that involves the bayou, which is a unique part of ULM and we don’t really get along with it regularly. It is a great experience to be in the water and navigate through it,” Oubre said.

Oubre said that the event made students aware about the different activities that can be done in and around the bayou.

“I spend most of my weekends taking nap or studying. This was a breath of fresh air for a guy like me. I would love to see more events organized by CAB and other organizations over weekends so that we can get out of home and enjoy more often,” said Biebek Chamlagain, a computer science freshman.

Along with games and kayaks, the event also had sorbets from Eskamoe’s to fight the mid-afternoon heat. Overall, the event left many happy faces, even those who fell in the bayou.