Opinion: Data breaches are an invasion of privacy

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Opinion: Data breaches are an invasion of privacy

Bijay Giri, [email protected]

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Data breaches have been a major part of recent news. With more and more information being stored online, this problem is bound to increase if a solution is not found.

There have been approximately 17 major data breaches in the last 10 years, which includes data breaches from Yahoo, Equifax, Sony, JP Morgan Chase, eBay and an adult friend finder.

As can be seen from the list of companies affected from the data breaches, we can be sure that our data is not safe. Companies spend millions of dollars to protect user information, but more needs to be done. The information obtained from these data breaches includes the names, contact information, credit card information, employee information and even social security numbers of users on the site.

With all of the data that can be collected by third-party advertisers during these breaches, it is clear that this is an invasion of privacy.

In addition to this, the companies who experience data breaches are not required to report the breach immediately. Equifax did not report its data breach to the public for two months, which raises some serious concerns about the companies.

Companies not reporting these breaches are suffering serious lash back from the public.

The government should have stricter laws in place in the event of a massive data breach. This can help the user know that their data has been compromised and act accordingly.

Facebook went through a data breach recently involving Cambridge Analytica, a politically influenced data firm.

Cambridge Analytica was able to collect information from more than 87 million people when only around 400 thousand people signed up to use its services.

By allowing Cambridge Analytica to have access to a person’s information through a quiz on the site, the original user’s friends were also targeted and had information stolen.

This was clearly an invasion of privacy, and Facebook deserved some blame. This incident shows that data privacy should be better handled by the sites that have our data.

It also shows how little, or no, control we, as users, have over our own data.

As seen from recent data breaches, personal information stored online is not safe. Users should weigh the pros and cons of a site before giving up their information on the Internet. This can minimize the risk of privacy being violated.

The Internet is a remarkable place.

Without the use of the Internet, so many other technological advancements wouldn’t have happened. So, we must push towards more control of personal data rather than boycotting the services of the Internet. The government should amend privacy rules that companies must follow to ensure the privacy of individuals without hampering the function of the company.

In addition to these things, the companies should spend more resources to prevent future data breaches and immediately report breaches.

These data breaches are a serious invasion of privacy. But, with efforts from all parties, the number of data breaches that do happen can be minimized.

As the use of the Internet becomes an inseparable part of modern life, we have to walk through the obstacles faced when using it and try to make the experience better for all users.