Opinion: Electric cars are the future


Niren Maharjan, [email protected]

The excessive usage of gasoline-powered vehicles has caused an adverse effect on nature. Other alternatives are now being considered. The electric vehicle (EV) is one credible alternative because of its efficiency, increased driving range and environment-friendly nature.

Due to the effect caused on the atmosphere through burning fuel, replacing standard vehicles with EVs is the only possible way to make the Earth a better place for future generations. As people don’t like sudden change, it can be difficult to explain just how much non-electric vehicles are causing a negative impact on the environment.

But, due to the innovation and improvement regarding EVs in recent years, the way people think about electric vehicles is beginning to change.

EVs are a lot cheaper, reliable and safer than before. Worldwide, people are coming to the realization that they are looking at the future, which is definitely electric. 

Even still in the initial phase, EVs have progressed a lot.

Tesla, one of the leading electric manufacturing companies, has contributed a lot since it was founded fifteen years ago.

The co-founder and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, recognized the potential of electric vehicles from the beginning and worked hard to develop a better product. There is still more to be discovered when it comes to EVs, but Tesla has already made milestones in the field.

According to statista.com, a typical family in the U.S. owns two to three cars. The amount of carbon dioxide emission is increasing in the atmosphere, which is leading to global warming.

People should be aware that global warming can be slowed by changing the way we travel.

If conventional gasoline cars continue to operate, there will be serious damage to the atmosphere with the emission of carbon dioxide, which will disrupt the climate in the long run.

People should not forget that vehicles running with an internal combustion engine require lots of fuel to operate.

The amount of fuel burnt by the vehicles over the last few decades has increased exponentially. The U.S. spends a lot of wealth just to import and supply fuel to every consumer in the country.

This is the reason why electric cars should be taken into consideration as it helps reduce the demand for fuel.

One of the biggest fuel consuming sectors is the trucking industry. Around 80 percent of all cargo in America is still transported by trucks. To overcome this excessive use of fuel, electric trucks must be used instead of the traditional diesel-powered trucks.

Electric vehicles are safer than non-electric vehicles as they don’t catch fire in an accident. The auto-pilot system featured in EVs helps driving long distances.

The battery location in an EV is spread out throughout the vehicle, which will lower the center of gravity. As a result, the vehicle will have better control while steering on the road.

These accidents occur during sharp turns in the road. These type of accidents can be reduced if electric trucks replace conventional trucks.

Despite the features and fuel efficiency, people have not accepted electric vehicles as their daily means of transportation.

The number of electric vehicles seen on the road is nothing compared to gasoline vehicles. The society has abandoned electric cars even though they have the potential to replace non-electric vehicles.

This may change as the improvements in the technologies used in electric vehicles will catch people’s attention. The price of EVs will also be cheaper in coming years, and general people would be able to afford them.

Electric vehicles are good and can be better in every possible way. Humans are relying too much on traditional gasoline powered vehicles.

It’s time to give EVs the chance they deserve by using them; otherwise, the results will turn out to be catastrophic. There will arise a huge non-renewable energy crisis in the coming decades if major steps are not taken.

Humans have to start thinking outside the box for the betterment of our future generations.

Just like electric bulb revolutionized the modern world by substituting traditional lantern, electric vehicles, without any doubt, will completely replace the internal combustion vehicle.