Spring Fever: Oozeball brings muddy end to week

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Spring Fever: Oozeball brings muddy end to week

Rex Acharya, [email protected]

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The pits were muddier and the names were funnier at this year’s Oozeball. The annual event, organized by 31 Ambassadors, included more than 40 teams that were divided into categories like men’s, women’s, co-rec and “faculty v/s staff.”
This year’s theme was, “We make muddy moves.” The event took place on the last day of Spring Fever week.
All the teams at the event had a perky team name, which is part of the Oozeball tradition. “Thursday night Bible studies at 7,” “Will play for sets,” “Oozma Kappa,” and “Get it like it’s hot” were among the many teams in attendance.
Haylee Mayo, a regular attendee of the event, said that Oozeball one of her favorite ULM events. Haylee thinks of it as a perfect way to relieve tension before finals’ week.
“Last year, we came second. We have already won a round today. We are aiming for the first prize this year,” said Mayo, a psychology junior.
The event was indeed a stress reliever, as a lot of people showed up even if just to enjoy the sun and watch others get muddy.
Bryce Bordelon, a construction and developmental science senior, said that he was excited since it was his first time competing in Oozeball. Although he was part of 31 Ambassadors for three years, he had always organized the event and never competed in it.
“This is one of ULM’s oldest tradition. It’s an important tradition and a great way to enhance student life,” Bordelon said.
According to Michelle Mulhearn, the committee head for Oozeball, the event was “a fun way to get all the students together before finals and be really silly and get muddy with friends right before you go to study.”
Like previous years, the tournament was a knock-out type, where every team had to defeat their opponent to reach the champions game. “I’d Hit That” won the co-rec division, “SPF 69” won the men’s division, and “Show me the Muddy” won the women’s division.