Spring Fever: Zombies wreak havoc on bayou

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Spring Fever: Zombies wreak havoc on bayou

Rex Acharya, [email protected]

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Running from the zombies can be very stressful as depicted in “The Walking Dead.” However, for Heather Guillot, escaping zombies while surfing in the bayou was actually a pleasant change amid the preparation for finals’ week.

Guillot, an occupational therapy sophomore, was one of the attendees at “Zombie on the Bayou.” The event was hosted by the Wesley Foundation as part of Spring Fever week. Participants had to kayak back and forth in the bayou, all the while avoiding the three “zombies” who splashed water on them and made kayaking a bit more challenging.

According to Tray Washington, member of the Wesley Foundation, the organization does Spring Fever week events every year that involve the bayou in some way.
Guillot fell in the bayou while escaping the “zombies.”

“The zombies give you a run for your money but it was really fun, specially the falling down part. I wanted to splash them too so I tried to get up but then I got off balance and I fell in,” she said.
Regan Smith, a secondary education sophomore, said that her favorite part of the event was “zombie splashing.” Although she was soaked all the way from top to bottom, she shared that the event was fun to be part of.

“It’s just normal kayaking until you catch up with the zombies and they start splashing. I am all wet but I loved it and the sticker looks cool too,” Smith said. Participants got a sticker to mark the completion of the challenge.