Student Government Association end semester on a positive note

Student Government Association end semester on a positive note

Arohan Rimal, [email protected]

Student Government Association had their last weekly meeting for the semester on Tuesday.

They discussed their upcoming events to close out the semester.

They also discussed their accomplishments from this semester.

SGA’s biggest accomplishment has been helping the Hurricane Harvey Relief.

They helped facilitate the donation of over 7500 items to the people who were affected by the hurricane.

Over the years, the senators have also been the voice of the ULM students. They sit down with the president twice a year to communicate student needs.

These student needs are collected by the senators throughout the semester and discussed over “Lunch with the President.”

Most of the times, they succeed in bringing substantial changes.

This year, they have been successful with increasing the number of classes for which Supplemental Instructors are offered.

This year a SI position for an economy class was added. In the past years, this was only offered for some Physics, Biology and Chemistry classes.

They were also able to change the class registration order. The old system used to let freshmen register for their classes first followed by the sophomores, juniors and the seniors.

This was a faulty system because graduating seniors would be held back because they could not register for the right classes. Now, the order has been reversed allowing the seniors to register first.

SGA also passed the word to the authority to install new printers in the dormitory halls.

Before this, students had to go to the library or a certain school building to use a printer.

Their word also helped put a crosswalk across the street near Madison Hall.

The campus has also been facilitated with water bottle refill stations and patio furniture with SGA’s help.

SGA also solved a housing problem for the international students.

International students applying to stay on campus were unable to acquire rooms in the dorms.

So, SGA helped reserve a total number of 50 rooms in all the dormitory halls for international students.

SGA also helped fund putting certain facilities on campus. They have funded the construction of a bigger dock near the bridge on Bayou Park.

Charging stations equipped with lockers to put in your phones are arriving soon at ULM.

They also provide free pencils and scantrons to any student at their front desk.

SGA senators ended the meeting, thanking and congratulating each other for all the work they put into another successful semester.