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Opinion: Athletes deserve to get paid

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Opinion: Athletes deserve to get paid

Ujjwal Pandey, [email protected]

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There has been discussion recently on whether or not college athletes should get paid. Some people believe that since those athletes are already getting scholarships in the form of book stipends, free lodging and food, they shouldn’t get a paycheck on top of it.

However, there are those who believe athletes deserve to get paid and scholarships aren’t enough.

I believe athletes should get paid, but that doesn’t mean they should be paid so much that they start living lavishly like professional athletes.

College athletes, on average, spend 40 hours of their time preparing for sports and physicals. This is equivalent to one full-time job. Plus, they also need to attend their classes regularly and submit assignments on time.

The pressure to succeed, both in school and athletics, can become overwhelming and hard to manage.

Athletes have personal lives too. Some of their time should be used relaxing, or having a social life.

Well, money is needed for this and therein lies the problem. Many athletes in this condition may not be able to have a personal life. This can ultimately result in a lack of motivation, which ends up affecting their athletics. Many athletes coming from low-income families can’t depend on their parents for extra money needed to live.

College level athletics is a commercial enterprise. Colleges make a lot of money from this, too. The main stars responsible for creating such a huge revenue are the college athletes, but they are denied any money they helped generate.

Other parties involved in the business of athletics, like coach, are paid huge amounts of money. They get bonuses and other facilities, but the main stars are not even considered for this. College athletes may get scholarships, but what about all of the revenue made from games?

Large sports organizations, like the NFL, pay their athletes based on performance.

That means, if you play well, you get paid well. This can be done in college-level athletics as well.

If we start paying athletes on the basis of their performance, athletes can focus on performing to the highest of their abilities. Paying college athletes can improve the competitiveness of the game and improve the quality of those games.

College sports shouldn’t be commercialized. The amount of money a student athlete can earn should have a clearly defined limit. For an idea like this to work, there has to be limits and regulations.

Most college athletes are young professionals. They may have little or no knowledge about managing money. If those professionals are given the chance to earn money, they would have more experience in handling it. This can lead to a better future for student athletes and can increase their capacity to become responsible members of society.

Of course, there is no necessity for college students to get paid as much as LeBron James or Andrew Luck, but they can get paid enough to live a comfortable life while at university. The amount of dedication student athletes maintain is astonishing at times. The grueling morning practices and devastating losses are tough, but the drive to win compels them forward.

Their invaluable contributions to the college level athletics should be recognized and awarded correctly. So much money is made from the athletic department, and the students deserve the respect of being seen as adults who know what they deserve.

Student athletes are students, yes.

However, they are more than that too and should be properly valued.

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Opinion: Athletes deserve to get paid