Opinion: Fast Food is unhealthy convenience


Sulochan Acharya, [email protected]

A majority of individuals lean toward fast food due to its convenience, accessibility, and flavorful quality. However, with the developing prevalence of fast food, obesity has increased. 

The fast food industry has been a staple of American culture since the early 1950s. This industry got started in the Southern parts of California from a bunch of hot dog and hamburger vendors.

It spread around the nation like wildfire, from coast to coast.

From that point forward, the number of people with obesity and diabetes has grown. These days, the experience of buying fast food has become common. It has progressed towards becoming a compulsion or addiction for most people.

After surveying 20 people about their opinions on fast food, I observed that 11 out of 20 people visit fast food restaurants daily.

However, those same people did agree that fast food and becoming obese were directly correlated. People are aware that fast food is associated with obesity, yet, they still visit fast food restaurants. Individuals are ignorant on the matter of obesity.

Although 18 people concurred that avoiding fast food can eliminate obesity and other health issues, those same individuals choose junk food because of its convenience and taste. This suggests individuals have information but a high degree of ignorance towards applying the information to their lives.

The majority of people surveyed chose drive-throughs as a substitute to sit-down restaurants. To be healthy, people understand they should workout but choose not to exercise. Most people prioritize comfort over health. Individuals have various ways to deal with their eating habits.

My survey reflected that those individuals who visit fast food restaurants daily categorized themselves as overweight or obese. Junk food with an outrageous level of comfort and availability is a superhighway to obesity.

According to my own personal experiences, people won’t believe, but when I came to America, I gained 33 pounds after just nine months.

There are not many fast food restaurants back in our country, so I had no habit of eating outside. After I arrived here, I got fascinated by fast food, its taste and convenience. I started eating my lunch out at Taco Bell daily. Eventually, I tried a chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A and slowly got addicted.

Just a week ago, I realized that I had gained so much weight. I have changed my eating habits lately, but nothing can stop me from going Taco Bell when I am really craving a beefy Frito burrito. I think the primary reason I can’t stop myself from eating fast food is distance. There are fast food restaurants on every other block. So, why not go when I’m hungry?

People’s love of fast food is directly related to obesity. This assertion is bolstered by the discovery that individuals are being apathetic towards consequences of fast food.

Similarly, individuals are blinded to its impact on their health because they are addicted to it. Next time I see some individual in a drive-through, I can portray them in my psyche as addicts who are craving fast, easy and tasty food.