ULM program highlights gifted students

Emerald McIntyre/ULM Photo Services

Raven Adcox, [email protected]

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After a week of hands on learning, students participating in the President’s Academy are more prepared than ever for college and a career afterwards.

According to the ULM website , the President’s Academy is a program for “high ability” students looking to enhance their skills through learning. 

“This is my second year working as a President’s Academy Counselor and I have enjoyed it greatly,” said Nicholas Green, a junior communication major. Green said it is nice to see students, who were strangers on Sunday, learn to cooperate and work toward a common goal.

During the five-day program, students staying on ULM’s campus took advantage of the different opportunities available to them. The high school students participated in externships, which are similar to internships in that students gain work experience through the program.

These externships were created and organized by the College of Arts, Education and Sciences, the College of Business and Social Sciences, and the College of Heath and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

“As a member of the Honor’s Program myself, and current honors council Vice President, it is always exciting to introduce such intelligent young minds to ULM and all of the academic opportunities it offers, particularly through the program,” Green said.

The program offers college credit and is limited to 65 “academically motivated” students. Certain requirements must be met when applying for the program. Students must have earned at least a 3.5 GPA and a 24 on their ACT to be considered. Along with that, students interested in the President’s Academy need at least two recommendation letters from credible sources.

Accepted students receive guidance during the program but are pushed to experience new things about the subject they have chosen to pursue. For instance, classes in computer science, health science, law, physical science and even, drones were offered to students over the course of the week.  

Externships were available at several different businesses and medical centers. CenturyLink and St. Francis Medical Center were just two of the many options for students looking to learn more about their chosen fields. Real-world experience is what the program is all about.