Internationals attend orientation

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Internationals attend orientation

Misisipi Bhandari, [email protected]

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Prep sessions are the best way to get immersed in ULM culture. International students aren’t able to attend these sessions, therefore ULM takes a different approach to introducing them to campus. 

The International Orientation is a three-day long event that serves to teach new international students about Warhawk culture.

The International Student Office estimates there are over 70 new international students. Among these, a large portion are student athletes.

The orientation was held Wednesday through Friday. The International Student Association, Global Ambassadors and Nepalese Student Association all partnered with the international student office to make the orientation a success.

“ULM has the best Water Ski team in all the states. I came to know about the team through my friend who is on the team already. I applied as a construction management major and for the team.  Now, I am here. I am pretty excited for the semester to begin,” said Taine Gibson, a freshman from New Zealand.

There were various informative sessions regarding the campus’s facilities, resources and programs available to students.

Campus tours were also given to help aquaint the new students to campus. Students were advised and helped with the registration for their classes.

ISA also hosted a welcome party for the students to get comfortable with one another.

A freshmen computer science major student from Nepal named Bidhan Phuyal said, “I am registered for my classes in computer science, and I am pretty excited about the classes and getting involved on campus. I am happy being here as I got a good scholarship too.  The main thing is dealing with the drastic difference in time zones, but I hope to get on with it soon.”

Fall orientation for incoming international students is only one of many activities planned to help adapt students to their new surroundings.

The International Student Office along with various RSOs plan to work closely with the new students.