Games, prizes welcome students back to school


Move In Mania was a day full of hard work. It took a game night to really kick off Week of Welcome in high energy. Last Sunday the Campus Activities Board held “Game Night”.

It featured many different types of games, all with the intention of bringing students together.

Joel Sinclair, the new coordinator of student activities and CAB advisor, along with other CAB members bought prizes to be raffled off at the end of the night.

Among the prizes, the Beats Pill and headphones as well as the Nintendo Switch were some of the most sought after prizes. Attendees at the “Game Night” played as many games as possible to be handed the tickets used for the raffles of the prizes.

“The CAB officers, myself and everyone in the department of student life and leadership had a bunch of things planned for Week of Welcome,” Sinclair said.

“We’ve had probably the best turn out in about five years, based on that we’re super excited going forward,” Sinclair added.

The attendance from the school’s various athletics teams greatly increased the number of students present at the “Game Night”.

It was a majority of the student athletes that took home some of the best prizes. Soccer team senior and kinesiology major Cke’Lana Caesar went out to “Game Night” to play some games and meet some of her friends before taking home a gift basket of ULM gear bought from the campus bookstore.

“I came for the games and food and I won a basket of ULM gear. I was playing four square all night, and I was winning,” Caesar exclaimed.

Other students looked for a more usable prize to be won, like sophomore computer science major Shanta Pokharel who went home with a brand new bike. 

“I was just here to have some fun and reunite with some of my friends. Since I have to park my car a long ways from the campus buildings, I can just ride my new bike to class now,” Pokharel said.

CAB gave out multiple prizes at the end of the night. New students got a glimpse of what ULM has to offer other than the usual classes and everybody went home happy.