Intramurals kick off with soccer

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Intramurals kick off with soccer

Jimmin Felton, [email protected]

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It’s the time of year again where class has started and the students are trying to figure out a balance between studies and entertainment. The best way to stay calm during the chaotic semester is to get active,  and getting involved with intramurals is a great way. Some people may or may not admit it, but we all have a competitive side to us and the best way to unleash it is to compete. Intramurals is something you can call low-stress, high-reward.

When doing intramurals, you have the chance to compete, make new friends and blow steam that you have been holding in. If you are not the best athlete in the world but still want to play that is understandable, because nobody playing is looking for a pro contract.

In the fall semester, there are regular intramurals such as knocker ball, sand volleyball and fastest Warhawk to name a few. There is also league play which involves flag football, volleyball and soccer.  The league sports consist of men’s, women’s and co-rec  teams, giving you a chance to win a campus championship and hold bragging rights for a year. The campus champions go on to compete against other colleges in Louisiana. If your team is good enough, they could have the title as best team in the state.

When you attend college, you add more experience to your life, and if you want the full experience then you should play intramurals. It has its own benefits, seeing as how you get the needed exercise from playing rather than just sitting in your dorm room. 

Another benefit of playing is the chance for one to relight a passion for the game they used to play and gives them a chance to compete again without all the extra pressure of playing perfect.

The support from classmates makes those who are playing compete even harder, because we all know the bigger the crowd, the harder one plays.

If you are interested or know someone who may be interested in intramurals, you can go to the Activity Center located across from the Coliseum and ask for intramural information to get a full list of the sports that are being played and the deadline for each one.