Local zoo unveils mural, receives donations

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Local zoo unveils mural, receives donations

ULM Hawkeye

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The Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo welcomed a new attraction on Thursday- a multicolored mural called “Stampede” in partnership with the city and the Masur Museum of Art.
This mural comes along with a large donation. The donation, which totals $150,000.00 was presented as a grant check by the Monroe-West Monroe Convention and Visitors.
The check was presented shortly after the zoo unveiled the new mural, completed by artist Raluca Iancu.
The mural’s artist is originally from Romania and says her culture is where some of her inspiration is from, according to KNOE News.
“There’s a Romanian expression which is the expression you’re seeing, green horses on the walls,” says Raluca Iancu.
“That’s kind of where this came from, and it’s the idea of unobtainable desire.”
The CVB also presented the zoo with a check for their new train, which will open this weekend.
The zoo is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.