Just do it brings backlash, boycott


Nike Campaign surprises many people with their new endorser- Colin Kaepernick.

Nike decision to add Colin Kaepernick as their endorser for their new campaign ad came as a surprise to many.

“Believe in something even if they have to sacrifice everything,” is a clear reference to Kaepernick’s recent struggles is the new motto for Nike’s ad.

Kaepernick is the brands chosen athlete to represent the 30th anniversary of the “Just Do It” slogan. He is a former NFL quarterback who came under fire after protesting the national anthem by kneeling in an effort to bring awareness to police brutality going on in the black community.

Chelsea Wyatt, a clinical mental health counseling graduate student, was happy seeing Nike use Kaepernick for their campaign.

“I’m for the ad, and I’m glad Kaepernick, as well as many others, were the face for it,” Wyatt said.

Not everyone agrees with Wyatt regarding Nike’s use of a controversial figure in its ad campaign.

There’s been a lot of backlash after the leaking of the ad. Some have begun burning their Nike products in a demonstration of their intolerance at Nike’s actions.

Jacqueline Trosclair, a senior psychology major, supports Kaepernick and his message but is unsure of Nike’s intentions.

“Everyone’s talking about Nike, so whether it’s good or bad, they’re getting lots of attention and it was obviously a very smart move on their part,” Trosclair said.

According to USA Today, Kaepernick talked to Nate Boyer, a veteran, about how to not disrespect the military. Boyer shared that kneeling would be the best way to respect the military, but still protest against the violence occurring.

The kneeling at the anthem became widespread through the NFL and in return, brought much unwanted attention to Kaepernick.

Some veterans appreciated Kaepernick kneeling instead of sitting, but many people cited the U.S. flag code which states, “During rendition of the national anthem when the flag is displayed, all present except those in uniform should stand at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart,” as a reason behind their anger.

Kaepernick’s stance inspired various other athletes to protest police brutality.

According to CNBC, when Nike announced Kaepernick as the face of their ad campaign, Nike’s stock went down by over three percent.

While Nike’s shares were affected initially their sales have risen. After the advertisement was first televised, Nike’s online orders rose by about 30 percent.

As Nike grows in their sales and people discuss their latest ad, Kaepernick finds himself in the national spotlight once again. His football career stalled, Kaepernick the man is at the center of attention, not the football player.