Green HOPE plans to educate, lead campus in recycling


It seems like campus is bound to go green. The Green HOPE organization plans to revamp the campus’s recycling program.

The Green HOPE (Honor Our Planet Earth) is a registered student organization (RSO) with the purpose of promoting green behavior and practices on campus, according to their Facebook.

Another purpose the organization serves is educating the student body concerning environmentally friendly practices.

Sandarbha Bhatta, the current president of Green HOPE, met with Student Life officials over summer to discuss a new recycling initiative on campus.

“ULM has agreed to take on recycling initiatives, we already have like 70 bins donated,” said Bhatta, a senior math major.

According to Bhatta, the interest has always been there for the university to go green, but nobody has really stepped up to take charge.

Aramark, who is in charge of food services on campus, started a campaign to educate people on going green. They started putting signs next to straw holders that encourages students to take in mind their ecological footprint.

The Green HOPE want recycling on campus and already have the support of West Monroe’s new recycling center that opened Wednesday.

“We don’t have a big dumpster to store recyclables. West Monroe has agreed to pick stuff up from here at ULM,” Bhatta said.

Indeed, the issue of getting a bigger dumpster to store recyclables is being fixed but the other issue at hand for the organization is man power.

With a limited staff, even if given permission the organization would have a difficult time maintaining over 70 small bins around campus.

With this problem in mind Bhatta is reaching out to SGA and CAB for their support. So far, the responses have been positive.

The Green HOPE organization is hosting their first meeting of the semester Friday. Bhatta and everybody involved plan to begin working and hosting events soon.