Hard alcohol or not, incidences will still happen

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Hard alcohol or not, incidences will still happen

Chelsea Terell, [email protected]

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Since 2005, more than 77 people have died in fraternity-related incidents across the United States, according to CNN. Of those deaths, majority of  them involved alcohol.

Recently the North -American Interfraternity Conference created a law that bans hard liquor from being obtained and consumed in fraternity houses.

The law is planning to be enforced by Interfraternity Council fraternities across the country to prevent alcohol abuse, hazing, sexual assault and so many other alcohol related incidents.

This ban may help solve the problem in some instances for fraternities that will enforce the law.  However, in other cases, it will not always keep fraternity members from distributing or consuming strong booze at socials or parties.

I am glad the Interfraternity Conference is putting in the effort to try to keep certain problems from occurring at fraternity parties but, honestly, why would the members want to follow and enforce this new law if they enjoy drinking such hard liquor?

Fraternity members are not really known for following all the rules given to them. For example, underage pledges are still drinking alcoholic beverages at social events, when this is clearly against the law.

Are the many alcohol-related incidents only occurring because of college students consuming just hard liquor? No, the people involved are also drinking other alcoholic beverages such as beer, so is that going be banned too in the future?

Fraternity parties and socials will always have hard liquor and beer in the situation,but what members just need to understand is how to be responsible about drinking any kind of alcoholic beverages.

Many of the problems that occur with fraternity house partying are college students abusing alcohol and drinking way more than their bodies can handle.

Many intoxicated fraternity members or other people attending the party will  do certain things they would never do aware and sober and possibly even blackout causing them to not even remember what they did the next day.

Heavy intoxication is when  instances such as hazing and sexual assault occur.

As a result, hard liquor or not, these horrible things can still occur when one is not a responsible drinker.

Although the law is thoughtful and was put in place for a good reason, I honestly believe it will not solve many of the alcohol related issues.

The only solution that can be made to help prevent these issues from occurring in the future, can only be made by fraternity members and other social members. Having fun and drinking is never wrong for free-living college students who want to have a memorable weekend, but just remember to always be a responsible drinker and know that your drunk actions always have consequences, big or small.

With this is mind, many of the fraternities can have safe but still fun parties.

But, they have to remember that that because they are members of “greek life,” they are also leaders of the school. This means they must always be conscious that every action they do has a reaction.

In order to prevent incidences like this from occcuring over and over agin, they have to step up and drink responsibly.