4 things to do at Ark-La-Miss fair


ULM Hawkeye

Go local
What’s great about the fair is that it’s a community event! When you go, you’re not just having a fun night, you’re also supporting your community.
The schedule for the fair highlights many diverse events, each one with their own unique addition to the atmosphere of the fair.
Live performances featuring local artists like Dave Gore and Joe Hadel line up the fair’s schedule.
You could stop by the hair wraps booth and get beads and color strings on your hair. You could also invest in personalized woodcrafts or get an instant photo for just $5 to capture your fair memories. Make sure to stop by the Glory Land Farm Petting Zoo to feed the animals.

For those who dare to test out the super stable fair rides, this would be the best part. There’s the classic bumper cars, a mini ferris wheel and the “Alien Abduction” that pins you to the wall.
However, the most fun are the “Typhoon,” “Nitro” and “Tornado.” There’s nothing quite like the wind ripping through you as you’re spun through the air and jerked around in your seat. For dare-devils, the “Ring of Fire” is sure to make your stomach churn.
Rides can cost between three to five tickets. If you plan to ride till you drop, get the “all-acess wristband” instead. The wristbands can cost $25 to $30, depending on the week of the day.

Gaming booths
Passing up the gaming booths is almost impossible to do. Not only are you drawn in by the vibrant lights and colors, but the quirky workers always know how to grab your attention.
The balloon darts have promising results, but the ring toss is common favorite as well. Prizes range from small, stuffed tigers to life sized teddy bears.
However, the gaming booths only take cash. The site does have an ATM machine but also a service fee. So make sure to carry some spare change for the gaming booths.

Fried foods
Think of any kind of food that you like. Now think of what it would be like if it were fried. This year’s fair has all the classic favorites like funnel cakes and jumbo corn dogs, but if you’re feeling adventurous, you might want to try something more original, like chicken on a stick or a jalapeño-mango snow cone.
Either way, the booths are stocked and ready to fill your hungry heart’s desires.
Although there weren’t any “tornado fries” in sight, make sure to try the “elephant ears” before they sell out.
And, if you don’t feel like walking around with your food, there’s also a tent set up by the “Alien Abduction” with tables to sit at.