Food for thought: Open communication needs to operate like neurons

Asja Jordan, [email protected]

A neuron is a specialized nerve cell that receives, processes, and transmits information to other cells in the body. This occurs due to the firing of an action potential. An action potential is simply the electrical energy that sends signals from the brain to the neuron.
The information from the neuron is sent through a process called neurotransmission. In neurotransmission, a chemical substance (a neurotransmitter) is released at the end of a nerve fiber and binds to the receptor of another neuron thereby in which a chemical message is conveyed. An example of a neurotransmitter is dopamine. The release of dopamine in the body is known to effect emotions, motivation and mood.
With this information, I wonder: What if we could communicate with each other like neurons communicate with another neuron. What if we ourselves were just one BIG neuron?
Perhaps our communication could be considered some form of neurotransmission of thoughts, ideas, emotions and feelings. After all, our interactions with others do have the ability to cause a release of dopamine in their body.
We see this in how we use our tone of voice, our body language or our choice of words.
Perhaps, we ourselves are a “macro” version of the “micro,” perhaps what happens at a cellular level correlates to our level of “everyday life.” We are made up of neurons, so aren’t we some sort of reflection of their function? It’s obvious that our levels of communication with others aren’t as efficient or accurate as those of some neurons and never will be…But it’s fun to explore the concepts of “why.”
Why isn’t our communication as effective as neurons? It’s most likely due to the fact that we close off, in fear of being judged. This brings about the concrete and abstract concept of “receptors.”
A receptor on a neuron is what receives the information from the chemical substance. A neuron’s receptor must be open in order to receive the information from the chemical and cause a change/response in the body.
Are our “receptors” open? Are we able to open our mind and really be receptive to information?
The body cannot change if it is not receptive, the mind cannot change if we are not open and receptive…we cannot grow if we are not open and receptive. In this society, it’s hard to have an open mind and open up to people with all of the judgement and hate thrown our way.
The world just needs to let go and receive information as openly and efficiently as the neurons in our body do. Maybe communication will flow better. communication is all around us. It’s time to open up and listen.
May our thoughts and ideas fire like action potentials. May our ears be open and receptive. May we undergo the process of neurotransmission.