Career Connections plug students into real world


The office of Career Connections has routinely come up with different ways to help students take that first step after graduation.
Last week was Career Week at ULM. Throughout the week, Career Connection hosted various events to help students in their quest to land their perfect career.
A resume review, headshot session and a young professionals panel were some of the different events held during the week. All of these events led to the main event of the week the Career Fair.
At this event, students roamed the main room of Bayou Pointe going from booth to booth speaking with potential employers.
Last semester, Career Connections introduced a new program to better prepare students for a world outside of ULM. The Mentorship program had its first run with a small group of students, all of which considered the program a success.
Pujan Dahal, a senior computer information science major, joined the Mentorship program last semester he went in with an open mind but was not sure what to expect since the program had just launched.
“I had the privilege of having an awesome mentor – Ms. Kelsey Bohl (executive director of University Planning and Analysis), and I cannot thank her enough for guiding me last semester, and most importantly helping me in my internship search,” Dahal said.
Dahal who interned at Centurylink over this summer shared that his mentor played a vital role in his preparations for the challenge.
“It was really helpful having Ms. Kelsey as my mentor because. She used to work for the same corporation before her job here,” Dahal said.
The mentorship program and the office of career connections helped him prepare by cleaning up his resume, held mock interviews and just helping him feel more confident in general.
The mission of the program is to connect students to alumni and career professionals who seek to nurture the mentees for personal and professional growth.
The program aims to provide a lot of opportunities for the students including job shadowing, job search advice, networking with prospective employers and exploring internships and summer jobs, shared Kristin Chandler, founder and program director.
The office of Career Connections has a lot to offer to students and the alumni including resume writing, career exploration and mock interviews to name a few.
Outside of Career Week, the office of Career Connections are still available to assist students and encourage even the most well prepared students to stop by and learn about the possibilities for them after college.