If you do crime, you all deserve time

Since the start of the #MeToo movement, millions of brave women have spoken up and let their sexual assaults and assaulters come to the media spotlight. We have seen news anchors resign, billion-dollar networks drop their shows, and actors get turned away from jobs over the assaults they have been accused of.

It’s great that this issue has finally come to light and people are getting disciplined. However, in the two-year span of the #MeToo movement, only one person has been convicted of his crimes–it’s Bill Cosby, an actor who wasn’t even associated with the movement’s initial iteration. This means, none of the actors/public figures who were accused of sexual assault during the movement have been dealt with.

My friends, this is a problem.

This week, the fate of Supreme Court Judge nominee, Brett Kavanaugh is at a standstill. A little over three weeks ago, the judge was accused of sexually assaulting Dr. Christine Blasey Ford when they were teens.

Since this information has come to light, the public hasn’t been very much in Dr. Ford’s favor. Actually, since Ford dropped the allegations, Kavanaugh is still in running to become the highest court official in the country and Dr. Ford’s credibility has been questioned. Even after the supposed FBI investigation, two senators had the final say so in his position, and it looked like they were probably going to vote in his favor.

As of Saturday afternoon, 50 out of 100 senators voted Kavanaugh into the highest position in the country. No one tried to put him in jail as quickly as the public made the effort to get Cosby incarcerated. They gave him a promotion.

America, this is embarrassing.

Most people believe that Cosby’s sentence has everything to do with race and that the public was trying to knock a successful black man down. I believe this could be a theory, but at the end of the day, this man committed a very serious crime and he got what he deserved.

With that said, the other accused need their day in court and sentencing. I hate to bring race into it, but a black man who committed the same crime is in jail while the other accused (who are mostly white) are still getting jobs, supposedly waiting on a trial or getting a Supreme Court judge position. 

This looks very bad, America.

Even though the #MeToo movement is gaining more spotlight and more women feel comfortable talking about their violent assaults and any sexual assault experience, we are sending a very powerful message by throwing some people in jail and giving others a job that literally changes laws and adds amendments.

We’re telling women who have been violated that their assaulter may or may not go to jail, so there’s no point in reporting it.

We are literally putting a hand over their mouth and saying, “your experience does not matter. Deal with it.” 

America, this is problematic.

So, how do we fix this? Duh, the logical answer is to actually investigate the claims and once those claims have been deemed irrefutable, the judicial system needs to give all assaulters the same treatment they gave Bill Cosby- a trial, sentencing, and actual jail time. In other words, I need America’s court system to keep that same energy with the other #Metoo movement attackers.