Choir takes a tour


The ULM Choir went on tour this past week to spread their wings and sing some songs. The group visited six towns, where they performed at various high schools and spoke about what ULM could offer potential students.

“The tour is a wonderful way for high schools to get to see ULM up close and personal. We try to spend time one on one with the students and help lead them towards their futures,” said Joey Gardunio, a senior business management major.

Gardunio, along with other members of the choir and some ULM faculty members, toured various towns and performed at local high schools in Louisiana and Mississippi. After the choir performed, faculty members would take the stage and speak about the university to the high schoolers in attendance.

In many cases, the ULM students were treated to performances by the high school students as well.

Gardunio said he enjoyed the chance to represent ULM, but for him and some of the other students, the tour served the purpose of giving the performers a chance to show off their skills in front of a live audience one outside of the school grounds.

“I couldn’t resist smiling when I saw how giddy the students got. Being able to see how music affects people in such a positive manner reaffirmed my love for music in a way I never thought possible,” said Kylie Daigle, a sophomore communication major.

It wasn’t just the high schoolers getting “giddy” after each performance. Sophomore music major Leah Huber said being apart of the choir while they performed made her emotional as well.

“After being a singer for 15 years, the emotional power of music still amazes me,” Huber said.

“My favorite part of tour this year was the utter collective joy I felt surging through us when we sang one of our newest pieces,” Huber added.

The ULM Choir goes on tour once a year to perform and do recruitment. Their next event is a home concert Oct. 16.