Pornography may not be consensual


Porn watching may be a consensual act, but the actors participating in the video may not be doing it consensually.
According to, 49 percent of sex trafficked women shared that while they were being sold, pornography was made of them.
Most people think that pornography is made consensually, but there are many women who are being sold for sex that have been forced to perform in pornography.
There is no way to know who is being sex trafficked and who is willingly participating in pornography.
The numbers are alarming. 63 percent of underage sex victims shared that they had been sold online or been advertised.
As the desire for pornography continues to grow, the industry for sex trafficking is growing as well.
By using these women who are forced into sex trafficking for pornography, the people trafficking them are making a lot of money by the views they are getting.
Pornography is very dangerous to those watching it and to those participating in it. When an individual watches porn, they are creating an unrealistic image in their mind of what sex should be like; which causes harm in future relationships.
When the fantasy that pornography creates collides with the reality of what sex is, it never lives up to the expectations that were created by porn.
You may think it is ridiculous to not watch porn just because there is the possibility that the girl you are watching is being sex trafficked.
But, what if that girl was your sister, your girlfriend, your mother or your friend?
Would you allow yourself to watch porn knowing they are forced to have sex with a man they did not know, ready to quietly cry to themselves when it was over and wishing the pain would end?
It is not fair for these women to have to go through this just because you have a sexual desire that you want satisfied.
If you stopped watching porn, you could prevent sex traffickers from making a profit off of these women.
While these women may still be sold to other people by their sex traffickers, at least they would not make as much money as they previously did.
In 2017, Pornhub had 28.5 billion visits on their websites which equals 1,000 views per second. You may be thinking, “How can I make a difference in such a big number?”
It only takes one person to stand up and make a difference in the world.
Think of people like Martin Luther King Jr., Susan B. Anthony, and Rosa Parks who fought for the freedom of others.
These leaders stood up for what they believed in, even if they were the only one trying to make the difference for other’s freedom.
How can you make a difference for those who are sex trafficked and must perform in pornography videos?
You should let others know that some of the women and men who are in porn videos are actually being sex trafficked and are forced to participate in the videos or images.
By sharing awareness of the reality of pornography to people who do not know, the number of visits on Pornhub could decrease.
As your knowledge grows in what pornography actually is, hopefully your desire to take a stance on this issue will develop and we can end traffickers from making a profit from pornography videos.